Chartered Ice Fishing Tours

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Available from December to March 31st.

Day fishing Package / Fishing Charter (Just Fishing)

  • Currently we have 6 fishing shelters available
  • $100 / day + GST for each ice fishing shelter (not guided)
  • $200 / day + GST (guided with NO equipment supplied)
  • $300 /day + GST for each ice fishing shelter (guided with equipment supplied)
  • ** An extra $200 / day + GST will be charged for Seibert & Pine Hurst Lakes if you choose to fish there**
  • $100 /day + GST for each additional person over 4
  • Prices do not include GST and are subject to change without notice
  • *** Discounted rates for large groups, please call ***
  • Wood Stove and electric Heated 8x8 Wooden Ice Fishing Hut
  • Maximum of 4 people in the hut at one time
  • Maximum of 2 people fishing in the hut at one time
  • Guided charters include: All fishing gear, tied lines, use of ice fishing camera and sonor
  • Guided huts are preheated, all holes are predrilled, and are already located on the hotest fishing spot at a lake in the Lakeland area
  • Guided charters include transportation from shore to ice fishing shelter using a heated 2011 Ranger 6x6 on tracks
  • Can service 1 to 16 people for fishing
  • We will make your Ice Fishing experience very memorable.

Fishing and Lodging (No Food)

  • The rates are the same as Lodging (see below) + Fishing (Above)

Lodging Prices - (Lodging only, no food)

  • $250 / day + GST (Up to four adult couples)
  • If you book for 4 days, you get 5% off
  • If you book for 1 week, you get 10% off
  • Lodge sleeps a maximum of 8 people
  • *** Additional charges will apply for any additional people above the maximum 8. ***
  • Our Lodge is 100% Fully Serviced
  • Including: Washrooms, Showers, Kitchen (fridge, stove etc.), Laundry Room, Satellite TV, and more

Lodging and Food

  • Light Breakfast (Cereal, milk, coffee, juice, toast etc.)
  • Shore Lunch (Sandwiches, all non-alcoholic beverages, snacks)
  • 3 Course Dinner available upon request (choice of BBQ steaks, chops, chicken or fish as well as potatoes, vegetables, salad, etc.)
  • *** An additional charge will apply for 3 course dinners ***
  • All ice is supplied
  • We will cook and clean your fish for dinner if you want
  • We will freeze your catch so you may take a taste home
  • We will take care of your trophy fish if you want to get any taxidermied
  • *** Taxidermy costs will be up to the person that caught the fish ***

Party Lodging Booking (Lodging Only No Food)

  • Whole Cabin $250.00 / day + GST
  • If you book for 4 days, you get 5% off
  • If you book for 1 week, you get 10% off
  • Lodge sleeps a maximum of 8 people
  • Perfect for special events
  • (ie. Family vacations, reunions, business, corporate outings, and more)

Booking Policy

  • A 25% deposit is required upon booking to confirm your reservation for fishing trip or lodging
  • Upon arrival, balance is due
  • We accept Cash, Visa or Mastercard.
  • Early checkouts or unfulfilled reservations will be charged the full reservation amount (ie: deciding to leave a day early because of sickness, bad weather, personal commitments etc.)
  • Deposit is fully refundable upon cancellation with 30 days of notice prior to booked date
  • If less than 30 days notice is given, your deposit may be put towards another trip within the same calender year